Quick One off Payments & Spot Contracts

Sometimes, things need to be done quickly. If you're short on time and need to buy or sell an asset overseas then our one-off payment solution - also known as a 'spot contract' - is designed for you.  

Perhaps you're buying a car, selling some furniture, or need to transfer money for a relatives birthday... No matter the reason for your one-off payment, we'll help you target the best possible exchange rate and get your funds sent quickly and securely. 

We've made it incredibly quick and easy to register for a personal account - approximately five minutes in total - so that you can make your international payment as soon as possible. Depending on your circumstances, you should be able to start trading on the same day as registering for an account!

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Although we promise to make your one-off payment as quickly as possible (or within your time specifications), we also promise not to rush you through the process or treat your funds any less securely as we would with any other payment type. 

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