Money Transfer for Retiring Abroad

Whether you’ve decided to retire abroad for a more laid back lifestyle, health benefits, or simply for the better weather, you’ll want to make sure you take every hard-earned penny with you. It’s likely that you've come up against currency fluctuations before during previous travels, so you'll understand the importance of timing your overseas payments.

Getting the best exchange rate when transferring your pension pot and savings abroad, or making regular payments back home for the family, is essential to avoid losing thousands of pounds. We believe in helping our customers get the most for their money.

With FC Exchange, you can target preferential exchange rate with our quick and stress-free contract options using the latest technology. If the rate is favourable now, then you can secure it for up to two years in advance using a forward contract.

Alternatively, you could consider placing a market order, which will help protect your money and allow you to target a preferential exchange rate during your required time period.

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Once you’ve moved over to your new home country, you may also need to make regular payments back home – perhaps for a property or the family – which is where our Regular Payments Facility will exceed your expectations. It’s so easy to use and can save you up to 5% against what a high street bank would charge you per transfer.

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Market orders

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Limit and stop loss orders help you target the best exchange rate for peace of mind.

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