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If you’re needing to make an overseas payment then it's likely you're aware that using your local bank isn't the best option. For one, most high street banks won't secure you the best exchange rates and it'll likely cost you in hidden fees and hefty charges per transaction. What's more, you'll probably speak to a different person every time you call them.

At FC Exchange, we believe in getting you the most for your money, which is why we offer a Best Exchange Rate Guarantee. We're able to offer some of the most competitive exchange rates on the market because we buy at wholesale prices directly from the market. By removing any hidden fees, charges and commission, we are able to offer you savings of up to 5% compared to high street banks. 

Not only do we believe in getting you the best deal, we also believe in building lasting relationships. That's why, when you register with us, you'll be assigned a dedicated currency broker who will be your one point of contact and who will help you to choose the right currency solutions for your requirements. We're proud that more than 98% of our customers would recommend us to their nearest and dearest.


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As an E-Money institution, we're able to offer more comprehensive services than other foreign exchange providers. From one-off payments to market orders, you'll be able to find the right currency solution for you by reading through the information below and discussing your requirements with our team. 

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Forward contracts

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Provides you the right to buy or sell foreign currencies at a known exchange rate on a fixed future date.

Regular International Payments

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Plan ahead with your regular payments to ensure you get the best exchange rate each time and avoid large fees.

One-off payment

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If you are in a hurry and need to make a quick one-off payment then our team can help you target the best exchange rate available at the time.

Market orders

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Limit and stop loss orders help you target the best exchange rate for peace of mind.

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