Currency Exchange for Buying a Property Abroad

Get the property you deserve by taking control of the exchange rates.

Let’s cut to the chase: every second that the exchange rates fluctuate, you could be losing thousands of your hard-earned money.

A property worth €250,000 would have cost you £197,000 in January 2015. Just three months later, in March 2015, the same property would have cost you £178,500. That’s a massive difference of more than £19,000 in just three months and it’s purely down to currency fluctuations.

For many, currency exchange isn’t at the top of their priority list – just think how many of us wait until we’re at the airport to change our travel money and end up losing a handful of cash to the exchange rates. However, when transferring large sums of money for a property purchase, planning ahead and securing a favourable exchange rate could help you make huge savings. Those savings could then be used to pay your agent or solicitor fees or even to cover those inevitable home improvements.  

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As you’re reading this, the chances are that you’ve already decided to take control of your savings and seek professional advice for your currency exchange. Depending on your currency requirements – whether you’re buying, selling, maintaining a property abroad, or perhaps paying for an overseas mortgage – we can offer flexible currency solutions designed just for you.

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