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One of FC Exchange’s long-standing partners, French Property Bureau, is an international property agency based in Tunbridge Wells with French partner agencies across Bordeaux, Gironde, the Dordogne and on the Atlantic coast. With over 20 years’ experience selling property, French Property Bureau are extremely well-known in their industry and dominate the property market throughout the Bordeaux region.

French Property Bureau has been an FC Exchange partner for more than six years, joining our partner programme in 2010. Impressed with our “professional and personal service”, Director at French Property Bureau, Mr Bishop, also joined FC Exchange as a private client in 2012.

One of the key benefits French Property Bureau have found from becoming a partner with FC Exchange is the level of feedback we provide when referring clients. By providing information regarding client timelines, intentions to buy, and their stages in the customer journey, French Property Bureau is able to provide their clients with a more personal and informative service.

Further to this, French Property Bureau state that, as a partner, they receive an exceptional level of support from FC Exchange when working on joint projects, including regular shows and exhibitions such as The France Show. By always looking for mutually beneficial opportunities, FC Exchange work together with French Property Bureau as part of the partnership support.

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Despite being “constantly approached” by other foreign exchange providers, Mr Bishop of French Property Bureau confirms that they remain a partner of FC Exchange because “it is a credible and professional business” that offers “competitive exchange rates” and “the best service for clients”.

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