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Sending money home?

Give more... by using a currency specialist to send your money home

There are many reasons you may need to send money home, whether because you’re working or now live abroad, you’ll want to get as much money home as possible for your exchange.

Using a high street bank to transfer your money could cost you up to 5% more in exchange rates. On a value of a £5,000, this could equate to £250, which could come in useful going towards bills or for even that unexpected treat.

Banks can also be less efficient, taking longer to forward your funds and cost you in overseas transfer charges.

Plan ahead, use an FCA authorised E-Money institution like us at FC Exchange, and take control of transferring your money home with our personable, easy to use service that is fast, secure and can get you more for your money.

More about FC Exchange

  • Preferential exchange rates  
  • No fees on your transfers over £10,000 (or £10 for amounts of less than this)
  • Industry safety and security – FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution (FRN: 900205), ensuring clients funds are held in segregated client bank accounts
  • A dedicated, single point of contact managing your account
  • Free same day SWIFT euro payments*
  • SEPA payments - available on request (for Europe)
  • Free Confirmation of Transfer reports – invaluable as immediate proof of transfer for third party involvement in transactions
  • 5 Star customer service rated by independent customer reviews rating agency Trustpilot
  • Ability to fix an exchange rate for you up to two years
  • Proven transparency, producing fully audits Grant Thornton accounts since inception in 2005 and achieving a high 1A2 Dun & Bradstreet credit rating

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How does it work?


  • Register with us - it only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation to trade
  • Confirm a great exchange rate - over the telephone or online
  • Settle your trade - sending us your funds for your currency purchase
  • Your converted money is sent - same day SWIFT transfer unless otherwise specified by you
  • Confirmation of Transfer - emailed to you at no extra charge




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