Latest Quarterly Exchange Rate Forecasts

Latest Quarterly Exchange Rate Forecasts

Transferring money overseas? Stay strategic and make informed decisions

With currency fluctuating every second of every day, the need to time your international payments is crucial. As well as providing daily insights into market changes, currency trends, and data releases, we offer Quarterly Exchange Rate Forecasts to summarise how currencies have performed over the last quarter and offer some insight into what lies ahead.


2017 October - December

Our major currency report covers all you need to know about GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, ZAR, NZD, HKD, CHF, JPY and SEK. Whether you’re moving overseas to buy your dream home, or need to make regular payments abroad, this guide keeps you up to date with all the major market news and looks at what to expect in the next quarter.

Our emerging markets currency report is designed for those considering NGN, ARS, MXN, CNY, MYR, THB, IDR, RUB, KZT and TRY exchange rates. Stay up to date with the latest emerging market news and see how events could impact your chosen currency pair.

Gulf currencies are linked to the US dollar and so rely on fluctuations in the buck to determine their strength. Our Gulf currency guide looks at factors which could cause movement between sterling and the US dollar (GBP/USD) and impact the levels the Gulf currencies trade at.



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