Latest Quarterly FX Market Forecasts

Latest Quarterly FX Market Forecasts

Transferring money overseas: Stay strategic, make informed decisions

With currency fluctuating every second of every day, the need to time your international payments is crucial. As well as providing daily insights into market changes, currency trends, and data releases, we put together these Quarterly FX Forecasts to summarise how these five key currency pairs have performed over the last quarter and look ahead for what we can expect.,


2017 January - March

Sterling - Euro Forecast

Sterling - Swedish Krona

Sterling - Swiss Franc

Sterling - US Dollar Forecast

Euro - US Dollar Forecast

Sterling - Canadian Dollar Forecast

Sterling - Australian Dollar Forecast

Sterling - New Zealand Dollar Forecast

Sterling - Rand Forecast

Sterling - Hong Kong Dollar Forecast

Sterling - Japanese Yen

Emerging Markets Forecast

Quarterly Forecast - Single Report



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