Our Best Exchange Rate Guarantee

At FC Exchange, we have a global portfolio of clients and trade large volumes of currency which puts us in a position to offer you excellent exchange rates for money transfers abroad. We buy and sell currencies close to interbank exchange rates – these are the headline rates which are widely publicised and often featured on currency converters.

Because of the total volume we trade, our buying power means that we can take a small margin from where we buy or sell (this is our profit) and still pass on great exchange rates to our clients. In short, we make small margins on lots of trades which allows us to offer you great exchange rates and save money.

Of course, excellent rates alone are not enough. We provide excellent service too – achieving and retaining a 5-star rating on independent customer review website Trustpilot. Your dedicated FC Exchange broker will take the time to listen to your requirements and work hard for you, providing expert, jargon-free guidance every step of the way.

We want the chance to prove our pricing capability. To achieve the best rate transacted for you, we will check the quote details to make sure it qualifies for our FCE Best Exchange Rate Guarantee. We will ask you a few quick questions because the markets move throughout the day and rates can depend on the amount transferred:

  • Which currency are you looking to sell/buy and what rate have you been quoted?
  • Does the amount that you were quoted for match that which you are looking to transfer with FC Exchange?
  • What time were you quoted?
  • Have you got an active trading facility with the other provider?

If another foreign exchange provider is quoting you a rate then call us on +44 (0)20 7989 0000 and we guarantee to beat the quote and offer you the best exchange rate using our FCE Best Exchange Rate Guarantee*.



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FC Exchange cannot beat or match an ‘off-market quote’ i.e. a rate better than interbank at time of quoting.

You have got nothing to lose; even the call is free and there is no obligation to trade with us. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

*All quotes from other providers must be verifiable, bonifide, disclose all amounts involved and any associated fees for the transaction that may impact ‘effective exchange rate’ i.e. the net sum, in real terms that you receive. You must have an active trading facility with the provider who has quoted and they must have provided you with the quote in writing (email is fine) for you to pass onto us, we also must receive the quote to beat within 4 hours of you receiving it or before our close of business for that day, whichever is sooner. Due to the fact we buy and sell to a live market we cannot alter any rates or transactions after they have been agreed with us.


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